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Super Simple Tips for Dried Flowers and Foliage Care.

We’ve put together a short guide on how to keep your preserved foliage or dried flowers at their best.

What does preserved flowers and foliage mean?

Preserved flowers and foliage are natural, just like the fresh cut alternative, however they go through a unique preservation process as soon as they are harvested. This maintains all of their natural beauty and prolongs their life for a number of years with no maintenance requirements.

Are preserved flowers eco friendly?

Preserved flowers and foliage are a sustainable and eco friendly option when buying flower arrangements and floral displays. They have an extremely long shelf life, require less energy for transportation and storage, meaning they have a significantly lower carbon footprint compared to fresh flowers.

How to keep preserved flowers and foliage.

It’s easy - you don’t need to do anything! The preservation process keeps the stem or flower in the same form at that time - no need for water, no need for re-potting or re-planting. The nature of the process means that preserved plants can’t generate or hold an electrostatic charge like artificial alternatives which means they won’t attract dust in the same way either!
The only recommendation is to keep out of moist and humid areas and direct light.

How long can preserved flowers and foliage last?

There is no limit on how long preserved flowers and foliage will last. If they are kept out of humid environments and direct light in order to retain the properties of the preservation process, there is no reason they cannot last indefinitely and provide a beautiful display for years to come.

 Dried flower arrangement with pampas, cotton and ruscus

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