What's better than a joyful delivery of pretty flowers?
Multiple deliveries of pretty flowers, customisable to suit you!
Whether you would like a small bunch each month to build your collection, or a large bunch each season to decorate your home.
A thoughtful gift that lasts so much longer than fresh flowers too!


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The highest price is £45.00


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How does it work?

1. Choose your size; small, medium or large.

2. Choose your delivery frequency; monthly, every other month or seasonally (every 3 months).

3. You will receive an email prior to delivery with a choice of 3 bundles - pick your favourite.

4. A payment reminder is sent prior to each delivery, when received your order is shipped.

5. Display your beautiful new blooms at home, or gift to a friend or loved one!

p.s - You will receive a free bouquet worth up to £15 with your first delivery, when you sign up for 3 months or more.

p.p.s. - After your first 3 deliveries, get a discount on your future boxes!

Save 20% against our standard dried flower stem bar prices when you choose a subscription.

Dried flower subscriptions in the UK, small, medium and large floral arrangements available, delivered via subscription

Why Dried?

An on-trend decor choice, dried flowers have become the go-to for interior and floral lovers alike, here's why...

A huge variety and range of styles - there's something for everyone.
From minimalists and monochrome lovers to rustic naturalists and farmhouse alike.

They're sustainable - taking nowhere near as much energy to transport and store, as well as outlasting fresh flowers by a very long time!

Change up displays to compliment the seasons, or switch around to style different areas of your home. They're the perfect faffing subject!

They take zero maintenance, absolutely no looking after whatsoever!
Say goodbye to trying to keep blooms from premature wilting. Or time-consuming watering and feeding of needy houseplants.

Did we mention they're long-lasting? This makes them great value. It may cost you a bit more to start with, but with them lasting indefinitely, think of all the money you'll save on fresh flowers!

  • "Absolutely love these. Jessica has amazing products and delivery was outstanding with everything being so carefully wrapped."

    - Sonia Colston.

  • "Such a fab fab little business. The dried flowers are gorgeous, such good value and packaged so nicely. And the customer service is exceptional (and with a smile!). Will always looks for an excuse to buy from here!" - Jenny C.

  • "Jessica is so creative, she makes and stocks the most beautiful things! Her customer service is also fantastic and she couldn’t do enough to help :)"
    - Toni C.

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