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Spirit of Mexico: Mexican-Inspired Architecture and Design

Steeped in history, Mexican-inspired architecture and design evokes a sense of enchantment. A harmonious blend of tradition and modernity that captures a rich cultural heritage.

This style draws its inspiration from various influences. Such as Mexican modernist architecture, New Mexican architecture, and the laid-back elegance of Tulum. Characterised by the use of raw textures, natural materials, earthy tones, and a meticulous attention to detail. This design ethos creates a space that exudes warmth and authenticity, and a deep connection to the earth.

In this blog, we delve into the core elements of Mexican-inspired design. Learn how you can bring these captivating Tulum vibes into your own home, embracing the wabi-sabi aesthetic along the way.

Exterior architecture in the heart of the Mexican jungle

The above image shows the incorporation of modern architecture with natural design and materials. Design by Macias Peredo and Habitation 116. Photography by Candela. See this and more on Instagram.

1. The Essence of Mexican-Inspired Architecture and Design.

Mexican modernist architecture forms the foundation of this design style. Characterised by its emphasis on simplicity, clean lines, and integration with nature. It's an ode to the country's cultural heritage, blending indigenous influences with contemporary elements. The use of raw textures creates a sense of authenticity and timelessness. Features like exposed brick and stone walls, coupled with handcrafted wooden beams, bring this to life.

2. A Journey Through New Mexican Architecture.

Channel the spirit of the American Southwest. New Mexican architecture infuses the Mexican design palette with rustic charm. You'll find adobe-style buildings, distinctive earthy hues, and ornate detailing on doors and windows. All creating a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces. This style encourages a connection to nature, inviting the outdoors in through arched doorways and large windows.

Laid back poolside utilising natural materials and neutral colour scheme

Criollo - Mexican restaurant in Oaxaca City. See more on Instagram.

3. Embracing Tulum Vibes.

Tulum, a coastal paradise in Mexico, is renowned for its bohemian elegance and chic design. The Tulum style brings a relaxed, beachy vibe to Mexican-inspired design. Think thatched roofs, whitewashed walls, and open-air spaces. Allowing for a constant interplay between light, air, and nature. This aesthetic encourages a laid-back lifestyle, boundaries between indoors and outdoors melt away.

4. The Beauty of Wabi-Sabi Decor.

Wabi-sabi interior design is the perfect complement to Mexican-inspired architecture. Rooted in the Japanese philosophy of finding beauty in imperfection, wabi-sabi celebrates the natural and the aged. Incorporate handcrafted ceramics and weathered wood in your interiors. The use of textiles with visible textures can infuse your space with a sense of authenticity and tranquility. Echoing the timeless charm of Mexican design.

Neutral pastel shades and organic textures create serenity in this outdoor pool area

Casa Kansas, Yucatan, Mexico. Designed by KAMA Taller. See more on Instagram.

5. Infusing Your Home with Mexican-Inspired Design.

Bringing the allure of Mexican-inspired design into your home is an art that requires thoughtful curation. Here are some tips to help you create a space that embodies the essence of Tulum style and wabi-sabi decor:

  1. Earthy Palette. Embrace warm earthy tones such as terracotta, rust, deep blues, and muted greens. Helping to capture the essence of Mexican design.
  2. Natural Materials. Use raw materials like stone, clay, wood, and iron to create a tactile and serene space.
  3. Handcrafted Details. Seek out handcrafted furnishings and accessories with intricate detailing. Things like mosaic tiles, embroidered textiles, and carved wooden furniture are a must.
  4. Indoor Greenery. Integrate lush indoor plants to blur the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces. Essential for fostering a connection with nature.
  5. Open Layouts. Create an open and airy layout that encourages seamless movement between rooms. As well as a harmonious flow of energy.
  6. Natural Light. Maximise natural light by using sheer curtains and avoiding heavy drapery. Allowing natural light to illuminate your space.
  7. Wabi-Sabi Accents. Place weathered or imperfect objects strategically throughout your home to celebrate the beauty of imperfection and the passage of time.


Mexican-inspired architecture and design offer a captivating blend of history, culture, and nature. Rooted in Mexican modernist architecture, enriched by New Mexican influences, finished with the relaxed elegance of Tulum style. This aesthetic is a celebration of raw textures, natural materials, and wabi-sabi charm. By infusing your space with these elements, you can create a home that embraces the timeless allure of Mexican design. Inviting a sense of tranquility and authenticity into your daily life.

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