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Ultimate Summer Vibes with these Dreamy Dried Florals

Here are some must have picks for Spring and Summer to give your dried flower display a face lift ready for the new season!

Dried flowers and foliage are an on trend statement for interiors, and for good reason! They are sustainable and everlasting in comparison with fresh flowers.

These 9 beautiful florals will give you home displays a hint of summer that will last way beyond those endless, hazy days.

  • Dried Palms

    Oozing exotic vibes and architectural presence, palms send anyone to dreamy beach scenes and tropical shores. Often supplied in bunches of spears on stems in a variety of colours from vibrant pinks and purples to natural, muted tones, or in bunches of fan leaves as featured above. They are a must have when wanting to create something summery with a bohemian edge.

Tall dried palm spears for floor standing vases. Palm leaf decor for sale in the UK.


  • Achillea

    There is a wide variety of Achillea or Yarrow as it is also known. From large, saucer like flower heads to dainty, star like clusters in shades of white, yellow and apricot. Our favourite is the gorgeous, sunshine yellow Achillea Parker. Often seen dancing around in a summer meadow it’s right at home as an eye-catching flower in amongst some soft grasses!

Dried Achillea Parker's variety, summer inspired dried flowers


  • Pampas Grass

    One of the most on trend floral must haves for interiors, pampas grass makes a real statement wherever it is used. Whether displayed in a vase on it’s own or added to a textural arrangement; the tall, soft plumes definitely have the wow factor! Pair with some neutrals or corals and apricots for a show stopping summer display!

Tall, fluffy pampas grass stems for interior styling. Order online for UK delivery.


  • Broom

    Both flowers and foliage of broom make a lovely addition to dried flower arrangements. The soft, feather-like texture of dried broom grass adds texture and depth, while dried broom flowers are delicate and ornamental, available in a variety of gorgeous summery colours to brighten up your day!

Dried broom bloom for flower arranging and dried flower bouquets, Uk delivery from small business


  • Dried Banksia

    One of the most unique flowers available, Banksias originate in Australia where they are classed as both a wildflower and garden plant. They are easily identifiable by their unusual and characteristic flower cones and heads with striking outer leaf shape. Flower colour ranges between shades of yellows, pinks, oranges and reds, perfect for adding some summer sunshine and a strong focal point to a dried flower display.

Dried Banksia Baxterii, tropical and exotic dried flower head for interior dried flower arrangements and displays. UK delivery.

Photo by Gin on Unsplash

  • Eryngium

    Also known as Sea Holly, Eryngium is a thistle like plant that is the epitome of an English Country Garden vision. Full of texture, the foliage and flowers both sing with a star-like form and make an understated addition amongst contrasting soft-textured and delicate florals. Alternatively display them on their own in a plain vase or container to really emphasise the purple and blue hues in these gorgeous blooms.

Dried eryngium flowers for dried flower bouquets and arrangements, summer inspired dried flowers


  • Protea

    Another exotic statement flower is the Protea. Originating from South Africa, this large and eye catching flower now thrives in Australia with over 850 species. It is also known to produce a huge amount of nectar, making it popular with hummingbirds! These gorgeous flowers will add effortless style and substance to interior floral arrangements.

Dried protea repens flower heads. White washed for a rustic, bohemian look. Available for UK delivery.


  • Eucalyptus

    A year round favourite, eucalyptus needs to be the base of your floral arrangements this Spring and Summer. Available in a variety of species and leaf forms, there is a type of eucalyptus out there for every display! From the feathery Eucalyptus Nicholii, to the structured circular shape of Eucalyptus Baby Blue, add some freshness and heady scent to your dried florals that will last all year.

Preserved eucalyptus bunches for UK delivery. Eucalyptus baby blue for floral design and flower arrangements.


  • Artichokes.

    A giant of a flower, artichokes have a rustic beauty that can't be matched with anything else. A sumptuous dusky pink in colour, they are the perfect romantic touch for a bedroom. You will need a sturdy vessel - they are a hefty weight, but with that make a beautiful, understated impact.

Dried artichoke flower, the perfect impact flower head for dried flower arrangements and bouquets. UK delivery.


We love curating dried and preserved bouquets and arrangements for homes and interior projects. Check out our current blooms here or if you fancy something a bit different, our dried floral wreaths might be for you! If you have something a bit special in mind, an occasional gift or floral display for your business, we would love to hear from you! Contact us here.

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