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The wall decor inspiration we all need this spring!

Even the most minimal of interiors need some interest on the walls.

A bare wall can look cold and sterile, making a room feel unwelcoming.
Decorating your walls will not only lift the space and give it some meaning, but it's also often a very personal thing - meaning you can put your stamp and style on it.

We've put together a collection of some of Instagram's finest examples to inspire you to show your walls some love this Spring!

Chalkboard walls.

Interior chalkboard wall design in kitchen

If you're creative and designing and drawing is your thing, why not go all out with a chalkboard paint wall like Theresa Gromskis.

There's no denying the impact that something like this would make on any room.

She often changes the design to reflect seasons and events, plus it's a great way of letting your creative side flow, like in this beautiful moon!

It's such an easy and great value way to make a space personal, great for kids too!

It was hard to pick just one of the designs she has done for this blog, so go check out her Instagram to see the rest!


Gallery wall.

Retro, boho style gallery wall display

There's nothing more satisfying than a well-designed gallery wall.
I love the retro, bohemian mix of this one from Kim Lisea.

A mix of simple, abstract prints with bold and colourful imagery works well with the style of the room.

The slogan on the UFO print makes everything pop and creates a real focal point to draw your gaze into the rest of the gallery.

Check out some more images on her Instagram feed.


Wall art.

Neutral, boho lounge with macrame hanging

If you're looking for something a bit different to adorn your walls, there are some great options for the art of a different kind. 

Like this stunning macrame wall hanging in Marzena's bedroom.

With it being a neutral and calming space, the texture from the wall hanging combined with some plants and greenery lift the room and give it real originality.

It's a real statement piece but sympathetic and complimenting the room's aesthetic. 

A must-have if traditional art and prints aren't your thing.

If these ideas have given you some inspo for your next projects, here's where you can scratch your itch for some retail therapy to get the look!

Art and prints:
Jan Skacelik - unique, abstract artwork:
Junique photography and prints:
Willow and Stone wrap and prints:

Wall decor:
Fibrency hand woven wall art: 
Nomad Macrame - handmade macrame pieces:

You can also shop our own dried palm hangings and bamboo wall art here:

Let me know how you dress your walls in the comments!

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