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The Easy Way to Start Styling Your Home with Dried Florals.

Dried flower bouquets and arrangements are currently one of the most popular trends for interiors and home decor, with good reason!

Whether you are looking to make a large statement or simply want to brighten up a gap on your shelf, dried and preserved flowers are a versatile option.

Some carefully curated blooms can instantly add long lasting style, with an array of seasonal interest and colour options you will be spoilt for choice and guaranteed to find something that brings the outside in.

Dried Floral Bouquets and Arrangements.

The organic beauty and natural diversity of a dried flower bouquet can be used in most rooms around the home.
Garlands look fabulous draped over the back of a cabinet or fireplace (just make sure they aren’t at risk of catching fire!!).
A stylish and contemporary
floral wreath can create a stunning natural focal point as a piece of wall art, combined with some vintage photos and decorative frames.
Or opt for a hand tied,
dried arrangement paired with an artisan vase for a long lasting and environmentally friendly alternative to a traditional floral bouquet.
I don’t get on with fresh flower water, so if you’re like me this is a great option to avoid that ‘someone bought me some flowers and I forgot to put them in water’ moment, or the ‘I probably should have thrown those out last week’ stare (as you continue to walk past!).

Neutral dried flower arrangement with dried palms and pampas grass

Dried Flower and Foliage Stems.

Single stems can also look very effective and effortless, showing off a particular flower or foliage’s best bits.
There are a host of options available that this styling would be perfect for.
The billowy plumes of
pampas grass, along with its size, are made to stand tall on their own and lend themselves well to bohemian and botanic inspired decor.
Seed heads grouped together in a bunch of a few stems can add earthy tones to a country garden, rustic style, while structural, tactile foliages like eucalyptus and pussy willow branches look great used in scandi themed interiors.


DIY and Create Your Own Dried Flower Display.

For those creative interior lovers, why not have a go at making your own display with dried floral stems?
Whether you want a natural, moody vibe with muted tones or a vibrant, in your face pop of colour, curating your own bunch of dried flowers and foliage can be such a satisfying and mindful activity.
Nature lovers can get outside foraging to create a wild and wonderful display of the best of the British countryside. Those with more colourful tastes may need to source bright and shocking blooms online, or even better search for a local store and buy from an independent business!

Scandi style dried flower bouquet with pampas and dried grasses

It is so important to connect with nature, where it’s not always possible to get outside to experience it, there is no excuse not to bring it in! Get creative and let’s breathe some life into those small spaces to make them beautiful!

I’d love to see your displays, get them out in the comments below!
If you don’t yet own your dried flower dreams, we might be able to help, take a look at our current beauties here.

Feature image by Fig & Rosewood on Unsplash


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