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Must Have Dried Palm Decor Ideas for Easy Island Vibes at Home

The easiest ways you can use dried palm leaves in your home decor to create exotic displays that instantly transport you to faraway shores! 

Requiring no maintenance or upkeep at all, dried palms give you the best bang for your buck when it comes to creating tropical vibes at home, hands down.

They are so versatile, available in a huge array of shapes and sizes to suit any sized space that you may (or may not!) need to fill.

This collection will hopefully inspire you to add some bohemian, island vibes into your home.

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Dried palm spears.

One of the cheapest and easiest ways to add some dried palms in your life is with a bunch of dried palm spears. Their possibilities are endless! From shelf decor in a cute vintage pot, to mixing in with other exotic florals and even cake toppers. Palm spears are a must for any tropic seeking interiors lover.

Dried sun spear palm creates exotic dried palm decor

Image: _designdivine_


Dried fan palms.

If you're looking for something a bit bigger to make an eye catching statement or focal point in a room, fan palms are the perfect choice. Available as large spears or more delicate stems, they make the ideal pairing for a floor standing vase. Choose a tall, seagrass vase for a retro, boho feel or go clean and rustic with a stoneware piece. Or why not make the most of their size and create a display of dried palm wall art? Which tees us up for our next tip...

XL dried fan palm spear in floor standing vase, dried palm decor ideas
Image: _designdivine_

Dried palm wall decor.

Palm leaves make great wall displays, an effortless way to cheer up an empty wall! There are a multitude of ways to create a dried palm wall hanging, but the easiest is with a large fan palm leaf. 
Size of the palms available to you will vary depending on location. If you have any local to you that you can pick up for cheap, or nothing if you find a garden clearance, you're very lucky! Meanwhile here in the UK we can only dream of leaves as big as the one below from Renee (crushing_on_blush), this huge palm leaf instantly adds exotic, jungle vibes don't you think?

XL dried fan palm wall hanging with rattan furniture creates retro, bohemian aesthetic

*Hanging tip - depending on the type of leaf you've chosen, there are a few options for hanging your dried palm leaves on a wall. You could try command hooks, decorative nails or strips of velcro to secure them to the wall. If you have any other suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments below!

Dried palm wall arrangement.

Part of the dried palm wall decor theme, but deservedly needing a mention of it's own. A dried palm wall arrangement is for those looking to create something special in their home decor. 
Made from a mixture of palm leaves combined with other flowers and foliage, they are a striking choice for anyone with the space to create a real centrepiece.
This example below from Jordynn at kopperandknot is a beautiful example of what can be achieved with the use of dried palm leaves, dried palm spears and some exotic banksia and protea flowers.

Dried palm installation wall arrangement for boho bedroom decor inspiration

*Hanging tip - see above dried palm wall decor, the type of wall fixing you use will depend on the size and weight of your dried palm wall arrangement.


Dried palm fronds.

Lastly here's a look at a different type of dried palm. If you're looking for an alternative to the traditional fan and spear type dried palm leaves, then the textural fronds of the date palm or sago palm are ideal. They offer a structural and elegant form, ideal for adding to a dried palm arrangement or similar exotic dried floral display. They work well in a rustic, minimal interior aesthetic, or are equally suited to an urban jungle decor style. You can just imagine tropical surroundings when you see these beautiful fronds like those pictured below from Christiana, _designdivine_, don't you think?

Dried palm fronds, dried date palm leaves for exotic interior decor ideas


 A sustainable way to bring botanical, jungle vibes to home decor and interiors, dried palm leaves are a winner! They are everlasting, replacing dozens of bunches of fresh flowers. Have a go at some of the above ideas with our collection of dried palm leaves, 10% of profits are donated to Cool Earth - making your interiors sustainable never looked so good!

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