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How to decorate bohemian style, these examples are stunning!

What is boho home style and bohemian style interior design?

Bohemianism in the traditional sense has strong connections to the arts, literary and spiritual way of living. People that resisted conventionality in both life and art, deemed free-spirits and nomadic in their lifestyle, were the definition of bohemian (or boho as we know it today).

Boho decor is a way of expressing a home of your creation and personality rather than living in a sterile box.

Often eclectic in aesthetic, the style portrays a travelled life depicted in the treasured and loved relics found in the home.

There are some principles of modern bohemian interior design seen throughout individual style interpretations, that can be used to boho your home.

Learn how to decorate bohemian style below!

  1. The use of natural materials. Bohemian style decor often encompasses the raw beauty of things as nature intended. Think fabrics like hessian and linen, textures like concrete and stone, combined with dried naturals including seagrass and palms. This example from @noralvsdatter goes beyond words to describe this boho-style element. 

    Textural, boho style interior

  2. Naturally following on from this, the use of texture is a huge part of boho home living. As in Anita's image above, the layering of textures creates warmth and a distinct personality to the space. Try a few different textured cushions and throw on a sofa for a boho lounge update, or create a boho bedroom haven with some natural linen bedsheets with a seagrass floor rug and rattan pendant light.

  3. The Grouping of objects, like a gallery wall or shelf display. Try displaying a wall hanging next to a shelf with some primitive ornaments. Or a coffee table with trinkets positioned near a floor lamp or plant for example. Even in the most minimal of bohemian decor styles, this can still be seen with the grouping of 2 or 3 items only.

    Colourful bohemian style lounge inspiration

  4. Using colour in the correct way can add a playful and carefree tone to your boho-inspired interiors. If you want to fully embrace the true bohemian in you, be bold in your choice. A neutral backdrop acts as a canvas for bright pops of joy, using either furniture or feature wallpaper/paint mural. Gemma's lounge above (check out her Instagram!) depicts this perfectly in her choice of shades for the wall and cabinet. If you prefer a more minimalistic, earthy look that resembles a boho-chic vibe, focus on tone. Too much white can feel cold and sterile, opt for off-whites and combine with other natural shades. These can be picked up in some boho home accents like stone, wood and, natural botanicals like plants and dried flowers. Think Ibiza boho-chic for neutral bohemian vibes.

  5. A must-do when it comes to bohemian style at home is the inclusion of patterns. Popular options include Ikat and tribal-inspired pieces such as throws and rugs. Kristina's bed linen below is a beautiful example of this, check out more from her home on her Instagram. If you can find an antique Persian rug, they also make a fabulous wall hanging, making a unique statement on a large wall! There are also lots of beautifully patterned wallpapers perfect for feature spaces or try a collection of patterned prints for a gallery wall idea.

    Tribal bohemian interior design neutral colour scheme

  6. On the subject of gallery walls, art is also one of the main elements of bohemian interior design. This is an obvious point knowing the history of the style movement. From paintings and wall hangings to sculpture and the design of everyday items, each should be treasured and loved, similar to the wabi-sabi lifestyle. These pieces should reflect and represent an extension of you personally, and instantly portray the story of your home.

  7. Included in these items should be those of a handmade, artisan nature. Unique pieces that are created with love and a connection to the natural world. Traditionally, these items would be curated throughout travel and kept as souvenirs to be celebrated. In modern home decor, these items can be sourced from small businesses that celebrate local handicrafts and makers from around the World. The original pieces in the image below from @_designdivine_ have a unique style and depict a coastal, Bali inspired boho look. 

    Boho style decor pieces and wall art

  8. Botanicals and greenery are a major element of the dreamy boho homes that grace our screens. If you're green-fingered, an indoor urban jungle is the ultimate bohemian goal. Hanging plants like ivy create a feature display and look amazing combined with different types of palms. Or create a cactus garden for more of a Palm Springs, desert-chic vibe. If you want something easy to care for, use tall pampas grass stems or large dried palm leaves, giving the same impact but without the hassle of upkeep! @thewhitehoneyhome has all bases covered in this gorgeous mix of different types of plants, dried grasses and natural textures of seagrass, boho done right!

    Desert inspired bohemian interior with cacti and pampas grass accents

  9. As with all interiors, lighting sets the mood for a space. A soft and romantic glow will give you a cosy hygge feel, perfect for relaxing and taking the time to slow down. Use fairy lights to highlight your favourite spot, or light a candle or two, adding fragrance for a real mood booster! I think you'll agree that this boho-style bedroom from @tinalebat looks like the perfect place for carefree dreams and deep sleeping.

    Soft lighting brings warmth to a minimalistic, boho style bedroom

Our cover image is from @kylamagrathinteriors, Kyla's home is a gorgeous mix of neutral tones and textures with pops of soft colour that create a fun and eclectic vibe. Her Instagram is a joy to follow so go and check it out!

If you want to create your boho home on a budget, check out this video for DIY bohemian decor ideas from MaCenna Lee. Some really lovely ideas that are so simple to create at home!

Enjoy making a space that you LOVE and is a reflection of YOU 🤍.


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